Our travel documents

“The journey is the reward “

“The journey is the reward “– this realisation was written a long time ago by the old Chinese philosopher Confucius and we believe that he was right. In fact, we like to take it even a little bit further. For us, only the nicest way is the reward and we promise you that we offer the loveliest and most interesting cycle tours. In addition, we also offer GPS data to our customers upon request.

Our travel documents are very precise and come as standard with all of the necessary and helpful information. Not too much and not too little is often the case in life and this applies to our travel documents too. We have carefully thought about which information and maps to hand out to those going on our tours.

You're on the right track with our travel documents package

What we provide to our customers is tailor-made for every single tour and therefore varies in type and scope but includes as a basis:

  • Detailed maps: Bike maps created in cooperation with our partner, Verlag Esterbauer (Bikeline) with a scale of 1 : 75000
  • Route books with precise route description and varied tips and information about the route, culture and cuisine – this is always adapted to meet the requirements of cyclists
  • Town maps and hotel brochures for many of the arrival towns and cities

At the start of all (very few exceptions) of our self-organised tours, there is a detailed welcome briefing that takes place locally before the you start your tour.
At this informational meeting you are given tips for the various stages of your tour, tourist information about the places where you will be staying overnight and if you have booked rental bikes these will be adjusted for you and handed over. Of course you can then ask any questions that you may have.


Orientation made easy on route

On the cycle tours, we have stuck up our “E-arrows” to help you find the way along with the route description. In case a problem was to arise, you can call our service hotline number whilst on the cycle tour and we will gladly assist you.