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Cycling holidays in Germany

Germany has got a lot to offer cycling enthusiasts what with its vast amount of culture, significant cities and its impressive scenery.

In fact, the variety that Germany has to offer may even surprise you. There are the areas of untouched nature and imposing mountains in the South, vast land and fresh air along the coastline, as well as those important cities and historical places along the rivers. Treat yourself with a self-guided tour and see the best sides of Germany. Only Eurobike shows you the jewels away from the crowds.

Self-guided bike tours

A myriad of great cycling areas and bike paths are just waiting to be discovered by you. For example, the ‘Benediktweg’, the Chiemgau, the ‘romantische Straße’ (romantic road), the glistening water world on the Bavarian Munich Lakes Tour or the impressive tour based in one hotel at Lake Starnberg are all great options in southern Germany. Other self-guided bike tours that we offer include Innsbruck to Munich, or how about from Innsbruck all the way to Salzburg? You could cycle around Lake Constance or along the charming River Main. Cycling along the River Danube also makes for a great tour going past Donaueschingen, Ulm, Regensburg and Passau.