All-round service with our luggage transfer

When the luggage travels with you automatically

In the morning you embark on your next cycling tour equipped with only some light luggage. During the day en route you pedal lively. In the evening you find your luggage already waiting in the new accommodation. Our convenient luggage transfer makes it possible! Your luggages travels ahead and already awaits you in the next hotel. Instead of having to manoeuvre a heavily loaded bicycle you enjoy cycling bliss by travelling light. Anything that can fit in the provided handlebar- and saddlebags is your luggage for each daily stage.

The Service-Plus: Cycling tours without luggage

We transport your luggage and suitcases reliably from one accommodation to the next. This allows you to totally focus on the pleasure of cycling, the scenery and the cuisine. Simply leave all the stress and effort of logistics to the competent Pedalo-Radreisefreunde-team.

By the way: Should you one day not fancy getting on your bike, you can seize the luggage transport and get a ride with them! 

The most important info regarding the luggage transfer

  • Daily service: Your luggage is transported daily from one location to the next and is ready and waiting for you in the hotel in the evening.
  • Quantity of luggage: with all original tours you get to bring as many items of luggage as you want. With some partner-tours the quantity of luggage may be restricted to one or two items per person.
  • Weight: We transport items of luggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg.
  • Liability: Since the luggage is loaded several times during the tour there will be some strain on it. Please pack with foresight, since Pedalo-Radreisefreunde assumes not liability for any visual damage as well as demage to handles and rollers. Eurobike is also not liable for unusual items in the luggage such as currencies.