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One hotel as base of the daily bike tours

The mixture makes it! On a centre-based cycle tour you experience pure variety along numerous panoramic cycling routes and enjoy relaxation in the hotel. Whilst you discover novel routes during the day, you always return to the same accomodation in the evening. Completely stress-free for all of you who do not want to miss a piece of familiarity whilst on holiday... the big benefit: you do not have to pack up all your luggage every morning and unpack it in the evening in a new accommodation. Instead you have the chance to arrive at the start of your holiday and feel right at home.

Cycling holiday with the plus of comfort

During the day you embark on cycling tours in all directions. Once you return tired after an eventful day you will appreciate being able to relax. That is why Eurobike accommodates cycle holidaymakers, who do not want to keep switching accomodation. We mostly put you up in especially appealing hotels with a spa area. The relaxation opportunities in the whirlpool or in the sauna also double up as bad-weather alternatives. Or simply for if you just fancy having a break from cycling...

Our cycle tours based in one hotel are perfect for all, who also love some kind of routine whilst on holiday. That includes the hotel staff, your breakfast table and the view from your window across the marvellous landscape. Surely you do not want to miss these rituals from the first day. And yet you gain daily new impressions whilst on your cycling tours. During our centre based cycle tours your accommodation becomes a true 'holiday home’. Simply to relax and feel at ease!

A selection of our most popular centre-based tours


Absalon Hotel

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