Lake Garda - based in one hotel

Trento, Verona, Mantua and Brescia.

Culture, wine, and lakes: a perfect mix; and you will experience the “dolce vita” without having to change your hotel. Welcome to a cycle tour which will stimulate both, your soul and your senses: high art and culture in the cities of Trento, Verona, Brescia, and Mantua – not only the Renaissance palaces of the city of Romeo and Juliet invite you to stay, also the cathedral square in Trento and the antique forum in Brescia will enchant you. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Piazza Sordello in Mantua. Lake Garda, a blue-green emerald, invites you to relax on its banks or to cool off in its refreshing waters. Or you relax while drinking a glass of wine, since in this region some of the most famous Italian wines are grown. Valpolicella, Lambrusco, Bardolino, Lugana…as we said…”dolce vita“.
  • 7 Days / 6 Nights
  • self guided


Tour information and bike fitting. We recommend taking a stroll through the old town.

The day starts with a transfer by minibus to Trento (old town with cathedral, castle Buonconsiglio). Then, you will follow the river Adige via Rovereto to Mori. From here, you will cycle westwards in the direction of Lake Garda. After a short climb, you will cycle downhill towards the lake in Torbole and further to Riva. From here, a boat will then take you down the entire length of the lake and back to Sirmione or Desenzano.

A minibus or train will take you to Verona. The city of Romeo and Juliet with its Renaissance palaces, the Roman arena, and the many cosy places invites you to stay for a stroll. Over gently rolling hills, past cypress trees and vineyards, the tour will take you back to the southern shore of the lake – for Goethe the lake was “a delicious spectacle”, for the Roman poet Catull “a shining star”.

Beautiful trails will lead you along the river Mincio southwards to Mantua. The thousand-year-old town of the royal Gonzaga family impresses its visitors with its art and beauty. The Castello S. Giorgio and the Palazzo Ducale, the Piazza Sordello with the house of Rigoletto, the cathedral, the Piazza Broletto with the old city hall, the Piazza Erbe with the courthouse palace, the clock tower, the rotunda of San Lorenzo, and the Basilica of St. Andrew are worth seeing. The train will take you back to your hotel.

Today, you will follow lonely roads, through vineyards, peach orchards, and kiwi plantations to Solferino – The place, where Garibaldi united Italy in the famous “Battle of Solferino”. On your way back to Lake Garda, you will cycle through the area where the delicious wines of Lugana are grown.

Today, you will ride your bicycle along the lake shore towards Cavalgese di Riviera and get some unforgettable views of Lake Garda. Then, you will follow the Naviglio Grande Bresciano (canal with bike path) to Brescia – a city of Roman origin with many more places of interest. The train will take you back to Sirmione or Desenzano.

Tour character

The route is flat to slightly hilly. You will cycle on bike trails, side roads, and sometimes on country lanes. Only short sections have to be cycled on roads with more traffic, especially when entering or leaving cities.

Prices and events

All data for 2020 at a glance
Season 1
Apr 5, 2020 - Apr 25, 2020
Sep 27, 2020 - Oct 11, 2020
Arrival Sunday and Tuesday
Season 2
Apr 26, 2020 - May 30, 2020
Sep 6, 2020 - Sep 26, 2020
Arrival Sunday and Tuesday
Season 3
May 31, 2020 - Sep 5, 2020
Arrival Sunday and Tuesday
Lake Garda - based in one hotel, 7 days, Hotel Blu Lake, IT-GARGA-07BL
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Surcharge single room
Lake Garda - based in one hotel, 7 days, Hotel Suisse, IT-GARGA-07SU
Base price
Surcharge single room
21-gear incl. rental bike insurance
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Electric bike incl. rental bike insurance
7-gear incl. rental bike insurance

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Services and infos


  • Overnight stays in the selected hotel
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Welcome briefing (GE, EN)
  • Developed route
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (GE, EN with route maps,route description, local attractions, important telephone numbers
  • Bus transfer from Lake Garda -Trento incl. your bike
  • Train journey from Brescia – Lake Garda, from Mantua – Lake Garda and from Lake Garda – Verona, all incl. your bike
  • Boat excursion on Lake Garda incl. your bike
  • 1 pistachio ice-cream on the way to Lake Garda
  • Signposting
  • GPS-data is available
  • Service hotline
Optional extras
  • Bike rental, including rental bike insurance!

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Desenzano del Garda train station
  • Verona, Venice, Treviso and Bergamo airport
  • Free parking at the hotel or close to the hotel or hotel car park (Hotel Blu Lake Sirmione) costs approx. € 18 per night, no reservation possible

Things to note

  • Where visitor's tax is due, it is not included in the tour price!